City Dance Posters. It al started with my Midnight Club Dance Poster.  
I liked the design, based on retro movie posters (like 80's), I liked the font that I created. So I started to think about other ways to design these City Dance Posters. So here is #2: Late Night Dance. I created this one with a Can Halen beer and the Van Halen music playing while I drank the beer and created this poster. I hope you like it too.

The font I created in Illustrator and the Text effect in Photoshop:
The artwork is different than in the first poster. Where the first one is more like an old movie poster is this artwork based on a design I found and recreated it using Photoshop. It took me a while before I was satisfied with the result. 
I has a nice vibe that works well with the dark design of the poster and the City Dance theme. 
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